Language Arts

At the Skills Academy, each stage of learning has clearly defined goals.

Pre-K Skills 
1. Choose the sentence that is spaced correctly
2. Choose the picture that rhymes with the word
3. Find all the words that start with a given sound
4. Compare pictures using adjectives
5. Match antonyms to pictures

Kindergarten Skills 
1. How many syllables does the word have?
2. Complete the rhyme
3. Does the word start with a consonant blend?
4. Use number words: one to ten
5. Is the noun a person, animal, place, or thing?

First-Grade Skills 
1. Choose the vowel team sentence that matches the picture
2. Put two syllables together to create a word
3. Multiple-meaning words with pictures
4. Complete the verb with the ending that you hear
5. Identify time-order words

Second-Grade Skills 
1. Spell the soft g or soft c word
2. Use conjunctions
3. Sort words into categories
4. Use context to identify the meaning of a word
5. Identify articles

Third-Grade Skills 
1. Put the sentences in order
2. Use subordinating conjunctions
3. Word pattern analogies
4. Is the subject singular or plural?
5. Use the correct article: a, an, or the

Fourth-Grade Skills 
1. Identify sensory details
2. Make predictions about a story
3. Identify time-order words
4. Use the correct homophone
5. Use guide words

Fifth-Grade Skills 
1. Identify the purpose of a text
2. Compare mythological illustrations
3. Order items from most general to most specific
4. Multiple-meaning words with pictures
5. Use the correct pair of correlative conjunctions

Sixth-Grade Skills 
1. Compare and contrast
2. Order topics from broadest to narrowest
3. Choose evidence to support a claim
4. Which sentence matches the definition?
5. Use the correct verb – with compound subjects

Seventh-Grade Skills 
1. Identify text structures
2. Remove redundant words or phrases
3. Use the correct frequently confused word
4. Choose the synonym
5. Determine the meaning of words using antonyms in context

Eighth-Grade Skills 
1. Match the quotations with their themes
2. Trace an argument
3. Compare information from two texts
4. Correct errors with frequently confused words
5. Suggest appropriate revisions

Ninth-Grade Skills 
1. Classify figures of speech: euphemism, hyperbole, oxymoron, paradox
2. Use appeals to ethos, pathos, and logos in persuasive writing
3. Word pattern sentences
4. Use the correct foreign expression
5. Formatting quotations and dialogue

Tenth-Grade Skills 
1. Interpret figures of speech
2. Analyze the development of informational passages: set 1
3. Rewrite the sentence in active voice
4. Use context as a clue to the meanings of foreign expressions
5. Use words accurately and precisely

Eleventh-Grade Skills 
1. Identify the narrative point of view
2. Analyze rhetorical strategies in historical texts: set 1
3. Choose the topic sentence that best captures the main idea
4. Choose the word whose connotation and denotation best match the sentence
5. Explore words with new or contested usages

Twelfth-Grade Skills 
1. Compare passages for subjective and objective tone
2. Replace words using a thesaurus
3. Analogies: challenge
4. Identify and correct inappropriate shifts in verb tense
5. Semicolons, colons, and commas review

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