Advanced science courses offered at the Skills Academy Tian-Mu Branch are: GED Science, AP Biology, and AP Chemistry.

Additionally we offer group science classes to elementary and middle school aged students.

The following measures are what students will learn based on their grade:

Second-Grade Skills 
1. Compare properties of objects
2. Identify solids and liquids
3. Identify living and nonliving things
4. Identify plants and animals
5. Classify rocks and minerals by color and shape

Third-Grade Skills 
1. Identify physical and chemical changes
2. Identify magnets that attract or repel
3. Benefits of group behavior: leaf-cutter ants
4. Identify rocks using properties
5. Identify the best design solution to prevent hurricane damage

Fourth-Grade Skills 
1. Introduction to static electricity and charged objects
2. Describe and construct flowering plant life cycles
3. Identify minerals using properties
4. Weather or climate? Cite text
5. Evaluate multiple design solutions to prevent flooding

Fifth-Grade Skills 
1. Change-of-state diagrams: melting, freezing, vaporizing, and condensing
2. Interpret ball-and-stick models
3. Describe, classify, and compare kingdoms
4. Animal and plant cell diagrams: identify parts
5. Label parts of water cycle diagrams

Sixth-Grade Skills 
1. What are atoms and chemical elements?
2. How does mass affect force and acceleration?
3. Predict heat flow and temperature changes
4. Genetic variation in sexual reproduction
5. Explore air masses

Seventh-Grade Skills 
1. Identify control and experimental groups
2. Understand an experimental protocol about diffusion
3. Identify chemical formulas for ball-and-stick models
4. Compare thermal energy transfers
5. The carbon cycle

Eighth-Grade Skills 
1. Understand an experimental protocol about evaporation
2. Classify elementary substances and compounds using chemical formulas
3. Structure and function: carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids
4. Describe the effects of gene mutations on organisms
5. Construct explanations of natural selection

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