Summer Camp at Ren-Ai Branch

Mandarin Classes Beginning in July
July 3, 2019
Spanish Classes Starting this August
July 8, 2019

Summer camp at our Ren-Ai Branch is in full swing! Following the STEAM educational philosophy by highlighting Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics, our summer camp students have been balancing learning with having a good time.

Over the week students were led through a variety of lessons, including a robotics lesson where they actually created their own robotic cars! The students learned first hand how electronic objects work by building the machines themselves. The cars were then set up so the students could control them using ipad technology.

Take a look at some other activities the kids were involved in!

Students were led step-by-step through constructing their own mini robotic cars.



The kids also tested their reflexes and speed in a cup stacking competition!


Our resident artist and Skills instructor helped students create their own masterpieces.



We are still enrolling for the summer! Contact us today for more information about classes, available dates, and rates.

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